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Ok, now that that's out, let's get to business, shall we?

    August. AUGUST. That was the last time I'd bothered to write one of these. Just...damn. I don't even know what to say. My activity level on this site has been seriously lacking, and that's gotta change fast. Now even though I haven't posted a new entry since August, I actually was making daily visits to the site...until November. I just got distracted with so many other things; school work, YouTube, fanfics, Tumblr, HEX, Wizard101, that I just...I dunno, I guess I kinda forgot about this place for a while. Crazy, right? 
    Anyway, I finally logged back on a few days ago to find over 2,000 messages waiting for me! THAT took a while to sort through, (and I'm still not even done, I still have one Deviation folder with like, 12 messages in it that I'm just too lazy to go through right now. So close to the finish and yet I decide to just not right now....). I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Senioritis, the plague that affects all seniors with laziness and putting off their work. And I was already a lazy procrastinator before this year, so this must've really hit me hard. It snuck up on me man! I was going strong the first part of the year, just doing what I always do but now I've started to notice things piling up a little, and I know Senioritis has me in its clutches, and is slowly pulling me in. But don't worry guys, I'll stay strong!!!
    Speaking of piling up, MY GOD I have a lot of shit to do tomorrow. Firstly, my economics project (that we've been working on all semester) is due. I jest spent the last hour and a half writing a conclusion, printing, organizing, and putting the whole things together. But on the bright side, all the hard work is out of the way now! We also have this stupid "show-and-tell" like assignment in my Child Dev. & Parenting class, where we have to bring toys that would be safe for a toddler to play with. But it HAS to be something we find at our house, and it can't be an actual toy. Just some random thing in the house. And apparently, pots and pans DON'T COUNT! How the hell do those not count?! Has anyone ever met a toddler who didn't pull the pots and pans out of the cupboard and use them as drums at least once?! Me neither! But apparently they're not good enough for Ms MacIver...ugh. And we have to have a minimum of TWO toys! But I'm not to worried about what to bring, as I came up with a few ideas yesterday (which is when she told us about this assignment; don't you just love the time limit I have for this?), what I am worried about is that my mind will be too clouded with sleep to actually remember to BRING the damn things to school lol. 
    But the absolute WORST part comes from the same damn teacher. You see, apparently this class is the one that takes home the robot-baby simulators, you know the ones you have to feed and change it's diapers and burp it, etc? Well they've gotten an upgrade since those high-school movies of the 90s, and now come with the sleep patterns of a real baby, a loud scream/cry, and EXTRA loud scream/cry that it will use if you fail to support it's head when you pick it up (and it will also scream for a longer amount of time), some type of thermometer that docks you points if the baby is too hot or cold at any time (and of course the teacher didn't tell us what the correct temp was) and a special bracelet that you have to scan over the baby before you can care for it. Literally no one else can help you with this damn thing unless they're wearing a "babysitter bracelet", and if the babysitter fucks up it docks YOU points. This one girl in my class got a 48% on the assignment because her babysitter didn't take "proper" care of the baby while she was at work. People who've already done it tell me it's alright on Friday and Saturday, and pretty quiet during the day on Sunday. But Sunday NIGHT, is when all hell breaks lose. The baby has reportedly starting screaming nonstop from about 2 am-5am, nothing would make it stop, and several people admitted to breaking down sobbing when this happens. And the teacher fucking laughed at them like it was the funniest thing in the world this assignment literally caused them enough stress to cry uncontrollably at odd hours of the morning. And of course, since it's a Sunday, so they still have to go to school in a few hours. Those people come to school exhausted, have trouble focusing and not falling asleep in class, which of ocurse gets them in trouble if they get caught. And guess who's turn it is to take the damn thing home? 

Yeah, mine.

    Technically, I was supposed to have it a few weeks ago, but the damn thing broke down the day I was supposed to take it home, so I got out of it. But it's working now and Ms. MacIver went ahead and signed me up for this weekend even though I SPECIFICALLY TOLD HER THIS WAS THE ONE WEEKEND I COULDN'T TAKE THE GOD DAMN BABY. Back in October I signed up to work the concession stands for a basketball game tomorrow for NHS, from 3:30-6:30. The baby is supposed to activate and start crying at 4, and has done so without fail thus far, right on the dot. I can't stop working the stands to take care of the fucking thing, but if I ignore it I'll lose points on my overall grade. I hated this assignment already before this mess, but now I really wanna chuck the damn thing out a window, and I haven't even gotten it yet! Hopefully I can work something out so the baby doesn't activate until 7-ish, but the others' experiences tell me that the longer the baby gets shut off for so we can do other things that we can't have a baby around for, they make up for later by screaming for longer amounts of time despite what you do to make it stop. I'm really praying the baby breaks down again, actually.
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I'm a smart young lady (age 15 at the moment) & to be honest, I SUCK at drawing. However,writing stories IS my speacialty so I new I had to sign up once I relized fanfictions ARE allowed! My favorite color is purple,and I LOVE writing/reading any and all types of fanfiction. (With the exception of canon/plot changing OCs like "Harry Potter's long-lost twin sister" or "Snape's secret daughter" etc etc)

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