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    Wow I am really bad at keeping up with my journal entries lately. I was supposed to tell you guys  how much trouble I got into for missing that volunteer work, and I was also tagged by :iconmr-herp-derp: last week and am just now getting around to it! (In my defense, the second one is because this site has been pretty laggy the past couple of days for me. No idea why but it pissed me off so...and the first was because I forgot :shrug: )

    I'm gonna start with the update today, seeing as that's the shorter of the two; So as it turns out, I get all worked up about my punishment, actually nervous to go to school, and what happens when I get there? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I dunno, maybe they decided I wasn't worth the trouble trying to track down or my absence wasn't such a big deal seeing as I wasn't the only one going to be working that shift. Either way, I got away scott-free. Go figure right? Not that I'm complaining or anything. So thanks for your guys' concern, but I guess it wasn't necessary.

Anyway, unto the tag:

Derple's questions:

1.) Who is your favourite member of the Justice League?
Either Batman or Wonder Woman :iconbatmanplz: :iconwonderwomanplz:

2.) How about the Avengers?
Bruce Banner/HULK!  :iconhulksmashplz:

3.) If these two heroes fought, who wins?
If they teamed up I think Bats and Wonder Woman could take him on, but single-handedly I think it all depends on circumstance; who's more injured, who tires first, etc.

4.) If you don't have a driver's license, are you counting the days until you get one, or are you okay without it?
I don't have one and I'm perfectly fine without it, thank you very much (Not that I have a fear of driving or anything :iconwhistleplz:

5.) If you make OC's or FC's, what is your most recent character?
I've never actually made any, sorry. :(

6.) If you don't make them, who is your favourite fictitious character?
YOU CAN'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! Are you kidding?! I have so many babies in so many fandoms, it'd be literally impossible to choose a favorite out of all of them!

7.) Who would win? Lobo or Doomsday?
...Who? :confused:

8.) Mortal Kombat 9 or Injustice Gods Among Us?
I haven't played Mortal Combat 9, so I'm probably biased when I say Injustice Gods Among Us

9.) If you sitting in a room with a person you hate, would that person be able to leave that room under their own power?
Depends on how bad they piss me off while we're in there, and if I'm on my period or not. :devil: :iconbloodplz: :iconevil: :iconevilplz:

10.) Your crush falls asleep next to you on the beach.  What do you do?
I'd be tempted to do that whole "confess/kiss them while you think they're asleep when really they're not" cliché but I'd probably end up just sitting and staring at him like a creeper  :iconstalkerplz:

Sadly I gotta go, no time for questions of my own! (Not like I was gonna tag anyone anyways) Bye for now!
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United States
I'm a smart young lady (age 15 at the moment) & to be honest, I SUCK at drawing. However,writing stories IS my speacialty so I new I had to sign up once I relized fanfictions ARE allowed! My favorite color is purple,and I LOVE writing/reading any and all types of fanfiction. (With the exception of canon/plot changing OCs like "Harry Potter's long-lost twin sister" or "Snape's secret daughter" etc etc)

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