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Well this has certainly been an interesting month...

    So last month of school, YAY! But it's FILLED with all sorts of testing, BOO! It all started with last month's ACTs (which I passed with flying colors, thank you), then the poor souls who have to take tests to get into AP classes next year, then State Testing, my own personal COMPASS test, and of course the end of the year finals. *phew*, that's exhausting... :faint:
  The ACTs & the AP tests are both over & done with (I think, not too sure on the latter) but we're still in the middle of State Testing. Those tests started last Thursday, and won't end until this Wednesday. That's nearly a week of testing! No me gusta! And then last Friday, I had to ditch school for a bit to head down to the college to take something called a COMPASS test. Now don't ask me what it stands for because I have no fucking clue, but it's basically a placement test one could take to get into a class they feel they should be in even if they didn't make the requirements. What I'm trying to do is get into 2 dual credit math courses, and I say "dual credit" because if I pass them I get credits towards high school AND college. The only requirements were that I had to pass Algebra II (& all its prerequisites) and get a 21 on the math portion of the ACT. The first I could do no problem, but do you wanna know what I got on my math ACT? A 20. A FREAKIN' 20! I WAS SO DAMN CLOSE!!! :pissedoff: :rage: So I ended up having to take the COMPASS so I could get in. Luckily the first two attempts are free and they usually took about an hour so it wouldn't be too much of a hassle for me. It was even on a computer so bonus! lol. I was really surprised however, when I come in, sit down and start the test, not even half an hour passes before I finish it. Since there's an option to tell you your score right away, I walk out of the room with a 54 under my belt, the requirement to get into the classes being a 49. Guess who's getting dual credit! Now the three classes I signed up for (2 math & 1 English) have actually pretty expensive admission fees it's an added bonus that the Bank of North Dakota is willing to pay for two of those classes since I qualify for free or reduced lunch. I'm actually pretty excited guys (while also slightly terrified, lol)...

    Next on the agenda; as some of you may know I've been accepted into the People to People Ambassadors Program and will be leaving for the Celtic Tours trip, (which contains England Ireland, Scotland and Wales) June 14, and coming back July 2. At this point we've gotten pretty much everything ready to go; passports, lanyards, matching polo shirts, travel plans, hotels booked, etc etc. Now I just have to pack up my suitcase and head to the airport, and my flight is scheduled just under 30 days from now! Again, I am both excited and mortally terrified! (All the plane-related accidents on the news lately are NOT helping...)

    On less important news, I FINALLY got a freakin' Tumblr! After MONTHS of my friends telling me I NEEDED one and the same amount of time forgetting to make one, I actually have a Tumblr blog!

    Finally, the story that actually pertains to the title of this way-overdue-journal, I have lost my voice. :( Don't ask me how or why it happened, I have no idea, I mean it's not like I talk that much anyway, but there you go. It was last seen on Friday before I went to bed, but when I woke up it was gone, and I haven't heard from it since. I have no idea where it went but I REALLY NEED it back by Tuesday night, my last choir concert is that evening and I would actually like to participate (we're singing the 4 songs we sang at the National Disney Competition  a couple weeks ago and came back with not one, not two, but SEVEN awards, the most we've EVER won since our school started going to the competitions!!! :winner: So happy... :D) So if you find it anywhere please let me know, I'm really worried about it! I'm offering a free one-shot about any subject you want s a reward for the safe return of my voice!!!
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I'm a smart young lady (age 15 at the moment) & to be honest, I SUCK at drawing. However,writing stories IS my speacialty so I new I had to sign up once I relized fanfictions ARE allowed! My favorite color is purple,and I LOVE writing/reading any and all types of fanfiction. (With the exception of canon/plot changing OCs like "Harry Potter's long-lost twin sister" or "Snape's secret daughter" etc etc)

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