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    So tomorrow my family and I are going down to South Dakota for a vacation. I don't know what possessed them to want to go to South Dakota of all places. Personally I'd rather use our annual vacation days to go back to Idaho for a while and actually spend time with friends and family we haven't seen in over a fucking year, but NOOO~. Instead we're driving down to South Dakota for three days to see Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, the Wind Caves, etc. Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against South Dakota and I'm sure it's a great state but I'm not really excited about spending three days down there to go to these crowded tourist attractions ya know? I mean if we were going WAY out like England, France or hell, even Florida I'd be a bit more excited 'cause that'd be pretty much like a once in a lifetime thing for me, where as at any point in my adult life I could just drive down a ways and see Mt Rushmore anytime I wanted to.
    But anyway, as usual when I go somewhere, the Internet can't come with me so I'll be unavailable for the next three days. But just so you guys don't miss me TOO much I made a little something for you to remember me by! I know it'll make me feel better to know you've seen it. I worked kinda hard on it too, so I'd appreciate it if you clicked the link below to take a peek at it, even if we aren't the closest friends, and tell me what you thought of it! Here it is:…

Hope you guys enjoy that. So I guess this is goodbye for now, I'll miss you guys, see you when I get back! (You know, if I don't go completely insane from this tourist expedition with my family)
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United States
I'm a smart young lady (age 15 at the moment) & to be honest, I SUCK at drawing. However,writing stories IS my speacialty so I new I had to sign up once I relized fanfictions ARE allowed! My favorite color is purple,and I LOVE writing/reading any and all types of fanfiction. (With the exception of canon/plot changing OCs like "Harry Potter's long-lost twin sister" or "Snape's secret daughter" etc etc)

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Thank you for the fav! :) Hope you watch for more! ;)
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There is a man that is dating a woman named Larane, but he's also having an affair with a woman named Clearly.  Sadly, Larane dies in a car accident.  The guy says, "I can see Clearly now, Larane is gone."
Radlady Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Oh my god, that's awful. Even if slightly amusing, lol
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Well hey there Derples, what's up?

 (I was gonna call you Herpy for a second there, but then I was like "eeehhh, no, bad idea" :XD: )
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